Sunday, 19 July 2009

Dick Giordano

It'sDick Giordano's birthday today, And here's a belter of a strip to celebrate. I know I keep banging on about how great a comic Star*Reach was, but that's only because it was. ( Sometimes it's easy being right ). From the second issue, here's an absolute masterpiece of design and layout, the one and only outing for futuristic heroine Stephanie Starr. Steph' began life as a potential back-up to ( I think ) a DC book, before eventually finding her place here. It's a strip that's very of the time, but your girlfriend'll love the last page.
I also find it funny that in Twomorrow's biography of Giordano, Changing Comics, One Day At A Time, there are a few pages from this strip reprinted. Except there, Steph' found time to put a top on!
As Bill Hicks would say: Don't protect me, I'm an adult...


  1. I remember feeling SO adult when I read this when I was like 14! Looking at it now, it's the layouts as you say that stand out rather than the story itself. They are quite amazing!

  2. I remember this too. Giordano's work is some of his best. It has a touch of Neal Adams about it - inked by Giordano, natch

  3. Wow, you just got a bunch of goodies up on this site, don't you. I've met Giordano, he's a cool artist.