Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Complete Kaos The Slayer

So here we go then with a look at the complete Kaos The Slayer, as requested by thousands. ( Sam Thousands, he runs the deli round the corner. ) I think me & Sean packed more swipes in this one strip than Rich Buckler managed in an entire career, but one thing that isn't crap about this piece is the lettering, which was done by a great british cartoonist by the name of Ken Houghton.
Ken taught a night class in comic art at our school back in the early '80's, and he encouraged us a lot with drivel like Kaos. Sadly no longer with us, Ken was a great guy & a great cartoonist, and sometime soon I'll do a proper piece on him & his work. But for now, heeere's Kaos.....


  1. Don't be too self-critical, Pete. Everybody swipes when they're starting out! ( Love the Gil Kane "homage" in the last panel. )Kaos might be derivative but it's good fun. Interesting to see such early examples of Sean Phillips' artwork: he's come a long way.

  2. Never heard of this character,but it does look
    good. I like the clean look of the artwork.

  3. I'm only joshing. Believe me, there are worse things than this in the files!

  4. There's a lot of Frank Bellamy in the artwork, isn't there? A lot of promise of great things to come, too.