Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Wraith

Quack! was Mike Friedrich's short-lived adult funny animal book, ostensibly begun in order to put Frank Brunner's mallard based strip Duckaneer into print. Frank had just left Marvel, one of his issues at the time being what he saw as a lack of credit in the success of Howard The Duck, and Duckaneer being his riposte to the nay-sayers. Quack! pretty obviously rode in on Howard's coattails, and was never gonna last long, but did produce some great strips in it's 6 issues, including regular character The Wraith. This was Michael T. Gilbert's loving homage to The Spirit, and like it's template, flitted between laugh out loud humour and serious drama in it's short run. Here's one of the funny ones, a scattershot satire of big business and the publishing industry, with some instantly recognizable ( and pulse-pounding ) guest stars.

And finally...


  1. A few years after this, there was going to be a Batman villain called The Wraith - somebody noticed in time, though, and his name was changed to The Wrath; and that's as much as I can remember about The Werath, which shows how dull he must have been.

    David A Simpson

  2. There was also that godawful Charlie Sheen movie, which was sort of Mad Max crossed with The Crow, but nowhere near as good as that sounds. A truly, truly awful flick.