Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wally Wood

Today would've been Wally Wood's birthday, so let's splurge. And massive thanks are due again to Gilbert Ortiz for letting me use the above photo of the great man here. Fantastic pic, Gil, cheers.
First off, here's his wraparound cover for the 10th issue of Witzend, with a whole gaggle of cute creatures, including Sally Forth's Martian pal Snorky.

And here's the little seen The Misfits, Woody's own team of mutants, from the first issue of Heroes Inc.

Finally, here's another fantastic piece from Tower Of Shadows. There's a real Alex Raymond and Hal Foster feel to this one, which is understandable as both men were heroes of Woody's.
I don't think anybody drew this kind of fairy tale fantasy better than Wally, and I suspect that, given the choice, he'd have spent his whole career doing work like this. And it's a shame that he never returned to this trio of characters, because they had great possibilities.
I have a vague memory of this story being the cause of Woody's leaving Marvel for the second time around. If memory serves, Stan tried to grab the writing credit but Woody was having none of it. Am I imagining that, or does anyone know better?

Oh, and by the way, following on from yesterday's post about Frank Thorne's Wizard & Red Sonja show, over at Booksteve's Library, Steve shares a few memories of the time he actually saw that particular theatrical epic. Just click on the relevant box over on the right there.


  1. One of my favourite Woody stories concerns him inking Marie Severin's cover art for The Cat #1. Woody rendered the main character fully naked and Severin and co. had to quickly cover up the offending parts to beat the deadline. What a joker!

  2. The cover of that first issue of The Cat is my all time fave Woody cover. Another great jape he got up to was when he was doing All Star Squadron. Somebody at DC happened to notice how Power Girl's breasts seemed to be getting bigger each issue, and Woody said he'd decided to steadily enlarge them each month and see how long it took before someone stopped him...

  3. that Woody, 'ey? what a japester!

    from what I can remember, myself, pete, you're pretty much spot-on with the Stan Lee thing. kinda makes you wonder just what else he snagged the credit for, don't it? well, apart from Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four, and Dr. Strange, that is. . .

  4. Hello Pete, could you please credit my two b&w photos
    you are using of Wallace Wood? One against the tree and the other studio shot with cigarette. Thanks,
    Gilbert Ortiz, Los Angeles, Calif.

  5. Of course, Gil, I've altered the two posts accordingly. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Thank you Pete, I can provide you with better quality photos, just email me. gilortiz@mac.com