Thursday, 25 June 2009

Solomon Kane: The Right Hand Of Doom

This is the first Solomon Kane story I ever read, which obviously means it's my favourite. Truth to tell, the dour Puritan is little more than an observer in this story, but what's great about it is the artwork of the criminally under-appreciated Steve Gan. As excellent as all the other artists' who worked on Kane were, Gan seems to me to be the only one who managed to make his world look real and historically accurate. I keep expecting Oliver Cromwell to wander into frame, or Adam Eterno at the very least. And just look at the fourth panel on page 2. That is Kane to a tee.


  1. Just discovered your blog, your tastes are right up my alley. I'll be visiting again.

  2. Good man, sir. Welcome aboard

  3. Glad I found your site... I was looking for
    some reference on Solomon Kane and this pop
    up. I remember this story it was one of the
    best Kane stories ever. The artwork still
    holds up and is moody and the storytelling
    is perfect.

  4. This jogged my memory of a story from either a Battle or Action annual from the late `70`s. It was set in a similiar period and featured (if I recall correctly) a Dr. Syn type charachter. He appeared as a ghostly horseman due to the phosphorescent tubes/pipes that circled his body. I`d love to read that one again - hint, hint :-)