Saturday, 20 June 2009

Jason Drum

Does anyone know anything about this? In the back of the collected Alter Ego Vol. 1, is an interview with Gil Kane, along with this page of artwork. Apparently, Jason Drum was a strip published in Belgium in 1979, but I don't know anything else about it. I know Gil at least started a third Blackmark book, so maybe it's that, or a version of that. After all, the lead character is the spit of Blackmark, and the other guy looks a lot like his arch enemy. Plus the creatures they're riding are the same. Any ideas?


  1. There's a tiny bit more on the Comics Book Artist site (an interview with Joe Staton - I can't seem to paste the url) where he states that he worked on the book with Gil Kane.

  2. And there's a cover online as well. This time I can paste urls..

    Looking at the dates I guess it appeared for 5 issues in mid 79 in both Tintin (France) and Tintin (Belgium).

    The CBA article is at:


  3. I know of it, but not much more than you guys. it ran in 1979, in Tintin, and was written by Michel Greg. Kane only did the first 15 pages ( # 202-207 ). it LOOKS like they were Blackmark pages that Kane sold on after he abandoned the project, and that Greg made up his own characters and story around them. Franz Drappier was the artists unfortune enough to be given the task of following on from Kane, and the strip was never finished.

  4. Just discovered this now. While looking for more about this "lost" comic, I came across this link«-jason-drum-»-une-bd-de-gil-kane-seulement-sortie…-en-belgique/ It's in french but it gives a very nice overview of this comic's history and also, at the end, it says that the testamentary agent of Gil Kane has the whole 44 page story of Jason Drumm inked and finished by Kane himself which rests unpublished!

    1. Hello, I'm a french comics fan. I intend to make a book of the french version published by Tintin. I'd like to complete the 20 pages of Tintin by the whole 44 pages story. Has this 44 pages story been published in US ? Thank You
      PS : see my cover project ot the book on this internet page

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  6. Hi guys, no, I don't have any more of Jason Drumm than what I've posted. If you have ( or anybody ) has any please send me so I can put it up for everybody!