Sunday, 21 June 2009

Frank Miller / Howie Chaykin / Walt Simonson / Jim Sherman Interview

From the July 1981 issue of Comics Feature, here's a great interview with Frank Miller, Walt Simonson, Howard Chaykin & Jim Sherman from a studio the four artists were sharing at the time. At this point, Miller was just about to see the Daredevil 'Angel Dust' story printed, Simonson was working on The Star Slammers, while Chaykin had just completed his work for the Heavy Metal movie. Interesting that Frank slightly comes across as the eager young 'new boy' to Walt & Howie's seasoned pro's. And I really wish Jim Sherman had done more for comics, judging by that splash of Mongo-Man.


  1. Thanks for posting this Pete, My early copies of Comics Feature are all long gone (was this #9 ?, the memories going)
    James Sherman was great... he went on to design the Major League Baseball logo...which I'm sure must haver paid more than 70s comics.
    I'll have to read the interview tomorrow when I should be working.

  2. I totally remember that legion splash page by Sherman. I loved the issues if Legion he did around then. He was definitely one of my favourite artists at the time - great draughtsman, great on anatomy. But three days?! No wonder he left comics. Shame. That kind of speed is probably more normal these days