Sunday, 7 June 2009

Essential Showcase Presents: Stan & Jack

ITEM! It's blatant self-promotion time here at The Bronze Age Of Blogs today, pilgrims! Stan & Jack is my comic strip that, amazingly, I haven't been sued for yet. Here's the sales pitch from the back cover:

They were the greatest double act in the history of comics. Now Stan "The Man" Lee & Jack "King" Kirby are BACK in all new, hilarious adventures!
Join your bashful Bullpen Buddies in a fun filled foray through time & space in this once in a lifetime cosmic comic compendium no True Believer can afford to miss!
Guest starring: Steve Ditko! Gil Kane! Wally Wood! Neal Adams! Vaughn Bode! Roy Thomas! And many, many more!
Face it tiger! You just hit the jackpot!

Essential Showcase Presents: Stan & Jack contains the first four issues, and is available now from Oh, I should also mention it's about to be rave reviewed in The Jack Kirby Collector for the second time.
Still not convinced? Ok, here's the whole of the first issue. Try it once, you're hooked for life!


  1. Frank Robbins? Double jointed? You crack me up, Pete. This is great stuff... and it seems scarily authentic. What agonising insight does Pete the pusillanimous pencil-pusher possess into the cranial concepts of the King and co.? Bloody Hell, you've got me at it now! Excelsior!!

  2. Glad you like it, sir! Alas, my name doesn't lend itself to a Bullpen nickname: Pantin' Pete? Pistol Pete? Not quite right somehow...

  3. You could go with the old Harvey Kutzmann character, Pot Shot Pete :) How's yer shootin' arm?

  4. Funny stuff ('looks like it was inked by Sinnott' heheh). What about Pulchritudinous Pete. Mm not even Stan would go there maybe. I was watching How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way recently on YouTube, with Stan and Buscema - brilliant. His toupe looked rattier then

  5. How about Perplexed Pete? Stan & Big John are on YouTube? MUST check that out.