Thursday, 4 June 2009

Conan On Record

Who's up for some audio Conan? Back in 1975, a little publishing company called Moonstone somehow got the rights to produce a couple of readings of our favourite barbarian's stories, and managed to get Tim Conrad to do the cover. The first record, containing dramatizations of The Tower Of The Elephant and The Frost Giant's Daughter, boasted a 'full' cast, proper music and sound effects, and comes across as pretty professional, if more than a little camp. But the guy doing Conan's voice sounds sort of right, if the Cimmerian had spent some time at Oxford University. They do strangely manage to suggest the kind of over the top 1930's radio serial's that Howard might've listened to while writing the stories. If Conan had been adapted for radio at the time, he might've sounded a little like this.

The 2nd disc, released in 1976, boasted no less than L. Sprague De Camp ( who, thanks to Wally Wood, I will always think of as L. Sprague De Freeb ) narrating The Bloodstained God and The Curse Of The Monolith.
Haven't managed to locate the De Freeb one yet, but you can hear The Tower Of The Elephant by going to: and The Frost Giant's Daughter at Just tell' em Crom sent ya.

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