Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Let's look at some more Moebius. Arzach first appeared in 1974, in the pages of Metal Hurlant, the star of four silent strips that caused a sensation in the artists' native France. Although the quartet of tales seem relatively simple, they actually operate ( like a lot of Giraud's work ) on a whole other, subconscious level. Full of dream imagery, and dream logic, the Arzach stories are like convoluted little riddles, with meaning & understanding always tantalizingly out of reach.
As I've said before, Moebius is one of those rare artists where, when you look at his work, you genuinely feel like you're gazing into another universe. Here's the first excursion of Arzach's world.

And here's a much later piece, explaining some of Arzach's back story. As beautiful as this strip is, I kind of didn't need it. Having been immersed into the other stories, an actual explanation of what's going on, and who Arzach actually is, spoils the fun a little bit. I liked the mystery better.

And as a closer, here's Lee Marrs' fun take on the whole thing, via Imagine.


  1. Not many comic artists truly deserve the name "genius" but Jean Giraud / Moebius is definitely one of that select few. Thanks for posting, Pete!

  2. this shit is f'ing awesome.

  3. Moebius, an incredible artist!!

    In the 70s apart from him the other god for me was Druillet!!

    I love all the things from the 70s of france, particularly the ones from metal hurlant, one of my favourites anthologies!!

    saludos from argentina as always and keep up the good work!!