Monday, 22 June 2009

The Amazing Story Of Superman-Red & Superman-Blue!

The other great thing about The Bronze Age was that we, as fans, had seemingly unlimited access to comics' great history. Not just in back issues, but also with those great 100pg Super-Spectaculars DC used to do, full of classic Silver and even Golden Age stuff from the likes of Lou Fine, Dan Barry & Jack Cole.
There was also a chance to read Mort Weisinger's brilliantly madcap Imaginary Stories, where, for just that one issue, literally anything could happen. Here's the best Imaginary Story of them all, written by Leo Dorfman, and drawn by Superman's greatest artist Curt Swan. There's very little actual dramatic conflict in this story, it's more like the comic equivalent of slipping into a warm bath, or having a nice cup of tea. Safe, comfortable, utterly insane and obeying nothing but it's own logic, it comes from a time when Supes was every kid's Super Big Brother.
It's completely charming and quite magical. Enjoy.


  1. Paul Kupperberg and Bob Rozakis did another variation on this for a UK only SUPERMAN story in late 1981. Terra-Man and Luthor were the villains and the former's ignorance of kryptonite colors causes the split to red and blue. The writing would seem to indicate that this book--a spin-off of the SUER HEROES magazine, was written for younger audiences. The art was by Adrian Gonzalez and Vince Colletta. I remember talk of it being reprinted in the US but not sure it ever was. More recently there was yet another version from DC in the '90's.

  2. I think I'll have to invoke the law of Krypto-revisionism here, Steve, and say that although I'm sure those stories are good in their way, there's only one Superman-Red & Superman-Blue, and all the others aren't real!

  3. thank you for re-presenting this classic herein. Ooo-baby, that's a great book! I hadn't read it in 40 years and remembered as a stirring fantasy but now I see--as you noted--it really is the best imaginary tale EVER! Many thanks, oh, MANY.