Sunday, 10 May 2009

Philippe Caza

Before we leave the shores of La Belle France, let's take a look at another of their great artists ( who I briefly mentioned yesterday ) Philippe Caza.
Like Moebius & Druillet, Caza seemed to own the early issues of Heavy Metal, appearing in nearly every issue. ( And interesting that in the above photo, he seems to be wearing a jacket actually designed by Moebius! )

Caza's HM work always seemed to be split between grimy (but comedic) social satire, usually concerned with Parisian tenement people, and barking mad, otherworldly psychedelia. Here's an example of the first kind, as Caza himself slowly realises there's something not quite right with reality.

And here's something from the other end of Caza's spectrum. What I always liked about his work ( quite apart from how technically stunning it is ) was the total immersion into other world's it gives you. A lot of sci-fi / fantasy art, as great as it is, is really just beautifully designed artwork without an actual sense of reality. But Caza, like Moebius, means it. Both artists, somehow, are able to convince you that what you're looking at is a real, genuine, other place. And the fact that they can often do it without dialogue makes it even more impressive.

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