Thursday, 7 May 2009

Moebius: The Long Tomorrow

Today is French genius Moebius' birthday, and to celebrate, here's something really cool. Back in 1976, Jean Giraud was working on Alejandro Jodorowsky's ill-fated production of Dune, supplying concepts and designs.
One of the people in charge of special effects for the movie was Dan O'Bannon, who wrote Alien, Blue Thunder & Return Of The Living Dead, but who fans of a certain age will always remember as whiny astronaut Pinback in his & John Carpenter's sci-fi black comedy Dark Star.
Both men were sitting around Paris for months, with basically nothing to do, while the film shuddered to a slow halt around them, so O'Bannon started drawing comics.
One of the comic strips he drew was a futuristic detective story called The Long Tomorrow. Moebius loved it, and immediately drew his own version, which was eventually published in Heavy Metal.
A few years later, O'Bannon was working on Alien, and asked Moebius to come in and do some more design work. He met with director Ridley Scott, who later asked him to work on Blade Runner, but Giraud regrettably had to pass as he was already working on an animated feature called The Time Masters ( which I recommend if you ever get the chance to see it )
So if this story reminds you of Blade Runner at all, well, that's why.


  1. awsome post! Moebius has such a clean and dynamic yet highly detailed style. great story you picked too. gonna re read it tomorrow when i should be doing some work.

    also i have to find Time Masters. have you ever seen Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain? With him, Giger, and Moebius working on a Dune movie together ... it would have been a mind blower.

  2. Haven't seen Holy Mountain, but I did see El Topo years ago ( and am still taking medication for it! ) Just found some great Moebius Dune stuff for tomorrow, by the way.

  3. What a buch of spam :( It was usefull this post... the others only say crap with flowers... :/

  4. I have the Spanish version of this book...I can only find the first chapter online and I don't wanna spend a day translating, know where I can find the rest?