Friday, 8 May 2009

Moebius: Dune & The Time Masters

Following on from yesterday's post semi-concerning the ill fated Dune movie by Alejandro Jodorowsky, I'd thought I'd see if I could find some of Moebius' design work for the film, and, lo and behold, over at, I did! Here's Jean's conceptions of some of the characters.
For instance, this is Paul Atreides:

While this is Paul's father, Duke Leto:

Here's The Lady Jessica:

While this, obviously, is The Baron Harkonnen:

Here's Prince Rabban The Beast, looking not at all like the David Lynch version:

While this, believe it or not, is Feyd Rautha. As embarrassing as Sting was in the movie, he'd've looked even worse in this costume:

For more of Moebius' Dune design's, check out that site. I also mentioned yesterday, an animated feature the great man worked on called The Time Masters, directed by Rene Laloux. Here's the poster:

If memory serves, it was about the Han Solo-esque hero racing to save a small boy stranded on a lost, dangerous planet, while Time itself collapsed around them. Here's a couple of stills.

Laloux is to animation what Moebius is to comics, sharing a lot of the same visual aesthetics, and though the animation is quite dated now, his films are always worth a look, particularly this one, Gandahar ( also released as Light Years ), which had design's by another legendary Metal Hurlant alumni, Philippe Caza. Laloux also made an incredibly weird & surreal cartoon called Fantastic Planet ( La Planete Sauvage ), which creeped me out so much as a kid, that even now I can't look at images from it. Hence there's none from it here. If you want to see it, go look yourself. Brrrr.


  1. Wow! really cool stuff. those costume designs are great. i still say their Dune version would have been a sight.

    El Topo was a bit much. Holy Mountain is no walk in the park either but worth watching at least once. Going to see if Netflicks has Time Masters. thanks for the recommend.

  2. gonna have to say Duke Leto in this version looks like Lion-O.
    But above that this film would have been an interesting sight. kinda curious now.
    - Julia

  3. Feyd looks so much like a girl here. A pretty girl.
    - Julia

  4. Bowie in High Heels? Ouch! He'd have had his career hurt worse than Malcom MacDowell over that Caligula movie where he was remembered for being a pain in the ....