Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Mirrrors Of Tuzun Thune

This might just be my favourite Robert E. Howard story of them all, and there's nary a monster or swinging sword in sight. Kull, of course, was Howard's more reflective, contemplative version of Conan, and most of the Kull tales were inspired by dreams that REH had had. This one is, in fact, all about dreams & reality, and the tonal pencil art of Mike Ploog suits the story entirely.


  1. Nice. I just got finished reading this story in the KULL: EXILE OF ATLANTIS collection from Del Rey.

  2. Is that with all the Kull stories? I've got an ancient Sphere collection with all of them in, and it rocks harder than Brule with a hangover. Kull rules!

  3. That is truly a masterwork togheter with the two issues done by Roy Thomas and John Bolton in Kull the Conqueror.

  4. It's too bad that Ploog did not draw more Conan stories. It's as good as BWS !

  5. WOW! You and this 'blog are a FIND. I've LOVED this piece ever since I first read it, and for years now I've been meaning to scan it and post it on the 'Net. The ish of "Savage Sword..." it appeared in is literally on a chair by me as I type this.

    I'm just posting a scan of the Barry Windsor-Smith 'Artemis and Apollo' cover of Star Reach to my FaceBook page now, and I thought I'd search the Web to see if the ol' perfectionist ever finished it to his liking. And I found your scan (and weblog) here.

    I can't wait to peruse this place. Obviously you revere the magic of comics that I do. I rarely find it in the industry anymore these days.

    Thanks, man.


  6. p.s. I think this was about the last piece Ploog did for Marvel before he moved on, mostly to storyboarding and the film industry (although he has since done some book and comic book illustration).

    Did you read the B&W stuff Ploog did for 'Planet of the Apes' magazine? Gorgeous. What an artist.