Monday, 18 May 2009

Marvel Stickers

Don't look at me like that, you bought these. I bought these, you bought these, everybody bought these. My schoolbook's were covered in 'em, but I'd hardly say I collected them. They just sort of appeared, surrounded by bloody awful chewing gum that tasted exactly like chalk.
Hastily printed pics of the Marvel characters, with butt clenchingly unfunny speech balloons clumsily inserted.
I mean, Conan saying 'Trick Or Treat'? How does that pose ever in a million years suggest that punchline? I bought 'em for the same reason you all did. Because they were Marvel. And if you were a Marvelite, you had to buy everything. Even The Human Fly.
To be fair, these strange little items did show why Marvel took over from DC in The Bronze Age: Stan & Roy weren't afraid to make their characters look stupid. Back then, staid old DC would never've done something as dumb ( but fun ) as this.

With each sticker came a card checklist, the other side of which had part of a larger picture. When added together, you could make them all into the cover of F.F. 100 ( or whatever ). That seemed like too much effort for me, particularly as I already had F.F. 100. I just wanted Spidey on my English book, thanks.
These days, my first thought at seeing these masterpieces again, is : I bet the original artists didn't get a cut. But they were fun, and, like I say, Stan & Roy never missed a trick.

Love those badly drawn feet where Gil's original drawing finished. And Morbius?! There are some really strange choices here. I mean, Kull? Subby? The Living Freakin' Mummy?!!


  1. Pete -

    I know I'm coming to this post late, but I had to say what a charge I got out of it! I still have about a dozen of these stickers on some construction paper. You really nailed it when you said we bought this stuff because it was Marvel!



  2. C'mon, surely Son of Satan saying 'The Devil made me do it' is funny?
    I have 2 sets of the 2nd series and need a set of the first. Who's up for swapsies?
    Or how about a set of the Heroes & Villains card game for my spare set? Seriously!!