Saturday, 30 May 2009

Gil Kane's Guide To Italian Cooking

Just came across this on the net, and knew you'd all get as big a chuckle out of it as I did. Yep, It's Gil Kane for Buitoni Italian Sauces!

Even though Mr. Buitoni there is supposed to be italian, he still manages to look strangely like Gil. Lettering, by the way, is courtesy of comics' greatest letterer Gaspar Saladino. Both men used to live quite near each other in Brooklyn, and we know Gil was always taking on far too much work to pay for his ex-wives, so maybe he just asked Gaspar to pop round and help him out on this job as a favour. Hopefully they didn't get paid in pasta...


  1. I love this! Never seen or even heard of it!

  2. Why do you say "ex-wives"? The NY times said his widow Elaine was his second wife. Where did you learn of Gaspar Saladino's involvement? In comics like in movies, sometimes anecdotes go around that aren't really true.