Sunday, 17 May 2009

Don Martin

The late, truly great Don Martin was born today. No offence to Sergio Aragones, Mort Ducker, Al Jaffe & the rest of The Usual Gang Of Idiots, but for me, Don Martin WAS Mad magazine. Throughout The Bronze Age, Don was always there, always bizarre, and always hysterically, insanely funny. He was truly, utterly, completely unique, and he clearly loved comics as much as his fans did.
So here's Don, taking on some of his & our favourites.

And here's his parody of the first Conan movie. I don't remember any other time Don got the movie slot in Mad ahead of Mort Drucker, so maybe he just really wanted to do his own version of the Cimmerian, and this was his shot. By the way, the roughness of this scan isn't ( for once ) down to me. British Mad really did print and crop stuff this badly, the bastards.



    Don was King. just looking at them sound effects pages again had me chuckling away like a good 'un. brilliant post, pete. proper made my day, that did.


    heheheheheheh. . .eek, I just pee'd. . .

  2. TWOYYOYYOING THUK ugh is my fave...

  3. Yeh, Don was the man. He was one of those artists that got me into my love for cartoons in the first place. His style seemed perfect for annimation and he was the master of comic sound effects.