Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Thirteen Against The Earth!

Welcome back to Earth-X for the second part of Len Wein's barking mad team-up between The Justice League, The Justice Society & The Freedom Fighters, with more pitch-perfect artwork from Dick Dillin & Dick Giordano.
So, of all the legendary characters here, who would you say is the lamest hero of the three teams? I'm tempted to say Doll Man, what with his stupid name, and the need to constantly invent ways that he could actually be of any use. ( Just like Aqualad, who always had his fights near swimming pools )
But I think I'd have to go for The Human Bomb. Firstly, he ISN'T a Human Bomb, not like Nitro, The Exploding Man, and secondly, he couldn't even be arsed to make a proper costume. He won't be invited back for next year's team-up.


  1. Great post, Pete! I've always had a soft spot for this mad story, even though the robot menace at the end is so lame it makes the Human Bomb look as cool as Wolverine in comparison. Plus...Dick Dillin: underrated or what?

  2. Yeah, by the time you get to the robot, all the good work's been done anyway, so you don't mind so much.
    And Dick Dillin? SO underrated!

  3. Great stuff Pete.

    I too, am a long-time admirer of Mr. Dillin. I have a handful of pages of his original art. Giordano is quite an interesting inker over Dillin's pencils - as he makes it seem very Adamsesque (check out those two profile shots of Uncle Sam).

    Dillin died far too young, and I wish I had the opportunity to meet him at a convention, shake his hand and say "Thanks for the countless hours of entertainment".

  4. Dick Dillin was one of the few artists that drew everyone well!! Each character looks definitive. I particularly loved his Superman, GL, & Flash. Heck he drew the tread on Flash's boots well!!