Sunday, 26 April 2009

One-Eyed Jack

One-Eyed Jack was a excellent little strip that seems to have been pretty much forgotten these days. A classic American cop TV show in all but format, It was created by Judge Dredd's John Wagner and drawn by the great John Cooper.
It was about Jack McBane, a tough New York cop who specialized in taking out the trash, his way. MacBane's adventures ran in Valiant, then when that mag got cancelled and amalgamated into Battle Picture Weekly ( as so often happened with British comics ), Jack was one of the few characters to survive the transition over there, at least for a while.
In One-Eyed Jack, all cop movie cliches are present & correct. McBane always breaks the rules and causes maximum damage to life & property, and his beleaguered boss always seems to have The Mayor up his ass, while Jack himself is clearly played by Clint Eastwood. Here's his first appearance.

While here McBane goes bad ( or does he? ) Apologies for the roughness of this scan by the way, I've got The Mayor up my ass.


  1. one-eyed jack.the saints ian ogilvy enters the world of crime-action drama the professionals.john wagner two finged salute to peter richardson/keith allen the bullshitters.anyone remember valiants the time-rider.

  2. andrew w.walker for the movie of one-eyed jack.?