Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Now we're getting obscure. Hunter was a belter of a series that ran in six issues of Eerie, then a couple of issues later, was reprinted as a one-off special. ( Jim Warren loved getting us to buy the same material twice, didn't he? )
It was written by one of Jim's stable of writers, Rich Margopoulos, and illustrated by Paul Neary, who went on to be top man at Marvel UK, as well as do Madman for Warrior.
Every time Warren tried to do a heroic series character, it got a bit weird. Their heroes were always slightly twisted and perverse, more 'adult' than Marvel's or DC's, and often much more like villains. Hunter is no exception...

Hunter was a brilliantly dark, nihilistic series, set in a world with literally no hope for the future. At the end of the saga, just about everybody is dead, and they all gave their lives for nothing. It's a great costume design too, looking simultaneously like a '50's spaceman & a Howardesque barbarian. There was a sequel I have vague memories of, Hunter II, set twenty years after the first, but in a much more sword & sorcery inspired world. That's me back on ebay then...

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