Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hostess Twinkies Ads

And so we come at last to the greatest comic strips ever done in the history of the medium. The Hostess Twinkies & fruit pies ads started in 1977, with this Batman strip that I always thought was by Dick Giordano, but am reliably informed is actually Irv Novick.

As you can see, each ad featured a beloved hero making an arse of him, or herself, by taking on the lamest collection of villains this side of Nova's rogue's gallery. Villains who could easily be defeated by the promise of a scrumptious fruit based snack.
It's only now, years later, that we can see just how utterly insane these things were. At the time, I'm sure, we just took 'em for granted. It wasn't just DC who shilled for Hostess, of course, Marvel got into the act too. And both companies had no qualms whatsoever about using their best artists on these classics. Like with this Ross Andru Spidey for instance.

Or this George Tuska Iron Man, with the greatest title of any Marvel comic ever.

DC , as well, brought out the big guns. Am I wrong, or are these two Curt Swan?

And if Green Lantern's here, can Green Arrow be far behind? I guess all that moaning about the environment, and the rights of the working man, doesn't extend to childhood obesity and tooth decay, huh, Ollie?

Meanwhile, back at Marvel, John Romita is paying the rent.

But the biggest surprise has to be Gil Kane ( GIL KANE! ) on these two masterpieces.

Then there was The Flash:

And Wonder Woman:

Yep, even Josie & The Pussycats got in on the act! If you're insane enough to want to see more of this, you can catch EVERY AD over at And just in case anyone's interested, no, I've never eaten a Hostess Twinkie. Presumably, I could just snort a big bag of sugar. That'd be the same, wouldn't it?


  1. I'd have sworn the Batman + Mummy was Giodarno as well, particularly the blond women in the last panel...may be some re-working / re-drawing / inking by him ?
    I'm sure I read somewhere that Continuity studios commissioned some of the DC ads (But not all) wasn't there A Neal Adams one somewhere? so Giodarno's involvement would make sense.
    Not sure I see Swan in the Batgirl or the Green Lantern ...though I do see a bit of Vinnie Colletta in the BatGirl one... may be this is why :)
    Gil Kane on a Capt Marvel Ad I don't remember seeing this one did I miss this !!
    As always great stuff Pete.

  2. It's really the civilians in the 5th panel of the Green Lantern one that says Swan to me, but you're right, there is a certain 'Vinnie-ness' about both of them. I really dunno.
    And the Batman one: Again I'm not sure. Sean swears blind it's Novick, but you're right, that girl is pure Dick ( ooer matron ). Maybe it's one of those 'sitting around the continuity offices & everybody had a go' stories, like Supes Vs. Spidey...

  3. all the DC ones are Swan/Colletta except for the Batman one which is definitely Giordano on inks if not both pen and ink. i don't see any Novick in it

  4. yeah, that's Dick Giordano, there's no way that's Irv Norvick. & thanks for sharing the Kane ads, I don't remember ever seeing those before.