Saturday, 4 April 2009

Green Lantern / Green Arrow paperbacks

Further to the previous GL / GA post , my bloggin' buddy Booksteve of Hooray For Wally Wood reminded me that Denny O'Neil & Neal Adam's seminal series had also been collected into two paperback books, round about 1972.

Which leads me to an interesting observation. What is it about we comic fans that means we have to have the exact same material in different formats? I mean, I have this whole series. I have it in two colour trades. But now I really want these books too. Similarly, I have that big Star Hawks collection that Hermes Press did a couple of years ago. But if I came across either of the original paperback's reprinting some of the run, I'd snap 'em up. And not to sell on either. I'd just want them, even though I already had the material. As Brian from Family Guy would say: What the hell?

Interesting that somebody decided to use a different illustration of Martin Luther King on the cover, and put Green Arrow's " On the streets of Memphis " speech into Green Lantern's mouth. Well, he was the star, I guess.


  1. Well that different Martin Luther King means it's not the same as all the others so that's a good enough excuse to buy the material again :)

    I wasn't aware that there were paperback versions !!!...
    My partner already despairs of my "Format fetishes" (tabloids, UK re-prints B=W mags)When ever I buy a digest she asks if there's any stories in it that I don't already have.
    I think I've even used the "well it's got different colouring" excuse.
    What are we like !!

  2. " Hi, my name's Pete and I buy the same comics in different formats."
    " Keep coming back, man, we're all here to help each other get through this. "