Thursday, 9 April 2009

Flight Into Fear

Hey, let's read some classic Wally Wood. But first, I must give credit to Gilbert Ortiz for allowing me use of the above wonderful photo of Woody, always liked that shot.
Flight Into Fear appeared in the 5th issue of Marvel's horror anthology Tower Of Shadows, and was later reprinted in the hardback The Marvel Comics Art Of Wally Wood. It's a great piece, with gorgeous ( uncredited ) colours, and a real fairy tale feeling to it. The kind of thing any little kid would love.
The interesting thing about Tower Of Shadows is that Stan was obviously trying to compete with DC's mystery books, but uncharacteristically didn't go as far as ripping off House Of Mystery & House Of Secrets' horrific hosts, Cain & Abel. Instead, he let the artists themselves introduce their own stories, which is, lets face it, a very cool idea.
Wally Wood, of course, needed no prompting to shoehorn himself into a story, which makes Flight Into Fear an even better example of his '70's work. Over to Woody...


  1. Classic Wood greatness... thanks so much for posting it!

  2. Wait, wasn't Johnny supposed to become a dinky little liz— no, wait; wrong story.