Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bronze Age Ad Roundup

Let's look at some more Bronze Age ads. No really. They're often a great treasure trove of art. Like that Michael Golden shot of the Marvel Universe there. Or this fun Marie Severin one, with Howard The Duck shilling for his supper.

Here's what appears to be The Prez's red-headed brother & Gabby from The Newsboy Legion hawking DC subscriptions. Always loved the art on this piece. Anyone know who it is?

And here's a very Kirbyesque piece by Joe Staton advertising the imminent DC Explosion ( which soon thereafter became the much less trumpeted DC Implosion )

The ads for DC's in-House fanzine The Amazing World Of DC Comics were also always fun. I just like the idea of Batman, The Flash & Julie Schwartz ( ! ) speaking directly to the reader.

Man, I wanted these when I was a kid! I guarantee they weren't really that big, though. For some reason, we never bought anything out of the comics ad's. I guess in the '70's America felt so far away, it seemed impossible that we could actually get anything they advertised in comics. And as for going to convention's, forget it. You might as well plan a trip to Mars.

And here's a fun Joe Kubert Tarzan ad. It's always good to find these things in back issues, I guess they're kind of like easter eggs on DVD's or something.

Unless anybody knows different, I'm saying this is Neal Adams, presumably a piece done via his ( and at the time Dick Giordano's ) comic based ad agency, Continuity. Even without the benefit of Neal, I was always enthralled by the ads for TV shows in American comics as a kid. It all just seemed so much more fun than the bilge we got on saturday morning's.

And what did we get? Let's see, there was Champion The Bloody Wonder Horse:

Casey Jones ( steamin' an' a rollin' ), who, judging by this photo, later became the clown in It.

And The Flashing Blade, a french serial incredibly badly dubbed into english by that guy who now does the links on E4.

Ok, The Flashing Blade was quite cool, I'll give you that. But really, a couple of shows from the '50's? No wonder American TV always looked so great.


  1. i'll venture to say the Newboy Legion/Prez subscription ad is by Carmine Infantino/Vince Colletta. the endless-off-in-the-distance skyline is reminiscent of Carmine's Central City and Gotham City skylines. and the curly haired boy (Newsboy Legion? sorry i'm not familiar with that character) is drawn in a similar manner as the Infantino drawn AWODCC ad three scans down. the Colletta inks are what makes it less recognizable as Infantino...

  2. Agreed that it's Infantino and a surprisingly smooth Coletta job would be my guess, too. Along with the city, look at "Gabby" in panel two. Def Carmine!