Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Action Presents: The Running Man

The Running Man has the kind of premise that you really wish you'd thought of yourself. Written by Steve McManus and illustrated by french artist Horacio Lalia, it's about Mike Carter, a British athletic running star set up by the Mafia to take the fall for The Don's loose cannon son, Vito Scarlatti. The bad guys burn Mike's face, then operate on him to make him more closely resemble deranged cop-killer Vito, and the chase is on! Here's the first couple of episodes.

From then on, It's B-Movie gold, as our harried hero flees for his life, with cops, gangsters & axe-murderers hot on his trail. For instance, from later on in the series, here's Mike stuck in a whole town of satanists. Ever seen Peter Fonda & Warren Oates in Race With The Devil?
Apparently, The Running Man wasn't that popular a strip with Action's readers; something to do with a hero who runs away from his problems. Me, I thought it rocked harder than a rock hard thing. And it'd make a great movie!

Tomorrow: Death Game 1999!

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