Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Superboy & His Dog

Following on from Superman: Last Son Of Krypton, today I read Elliot S. Maggin's short story Starwinds Howl, which is basically the origin of Krypto The Superdog. As Aldous was good enough to point out in the comments section, you can read this, Last Son AND it's follow up Miracle Monday all free, gratis & for nothing over at: http://superman.nu/thebook/lsok_contents.php.
Hands up, I never had much of an opinion either way about Krypto, even as a kid. Didn't like him, didn't dislike him. And I'm not exactly what you could call an animal lover, either.
By the end of Starwinds Howl tho', I was a confirmed fan of the little guy. Inspired by his kids' reading of Jack London's canine classic's White Fang and Call Of The Wild, Maggin crafted an obvious labour of love here, and by the last page, even a black hearted cynic like me had a lump in my throat.
If I tell you anymore about the story, it'll just ruin it for you. So go read it!

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