Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Studio Pt.4: Berni Wrightson

It's our last visit to The Studio before we head out onto New York's West 26th Street in search of a decent deli. But before we go, there's just time to take a peek at what Berni Wrightson's been working on:

Here's a quote from Berni's intro: " I went to Catholic school for twelve years- grammar school and high school. I was always getting into trouble for drawing in class. In the first place, they didn't teach or even like drawing in Catholic school, and in the second place the dinosaurs and monsters I drew weren't considered very wholesome, and in the third place, they didn't like drawing in the first place. "

This is Taking No Chances:

And here's a pencil illustration from Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart:

Here's Berni, looking not that keen at the prospect of having his picture taken:

This is Counsel To A Minion:

Here's a creepy pen & ink sketch:

Here's Berni, working away in the depths of a New York winter:


And finally:

Talking about working with Jones, Kaluta & Windsor-Smith, here's what Berni has to say: " They kept me going strong, kept me from getting lazy. Just looking at their work coaxed and prodded me...sometimes even shamed me into doing my best. "

And with that, we're outta here! Make sure the lights are turned off, and lock the door on the way out, ok?


  1. Thanks for arranging this tour of The Studio. Nice place!
    I missed buying this book when it came out and then spent far too many years looking for it. Finally bought it through the miracle of ebay. Great stuff!

  2. Absolutely.As I hoped I proved, everyone should have this book!

  3. I've been waiting until you finished the tour before commenting, pete, mate. terrific series of posts, man. I LOVED his book so much when it came out, and still do. funnily enough, just a week or so before you started the tour, I'd been leafing through it yet again. a beautiful book.


  5. Thanks for this! Today I heard the name Bernie Wrightson for the first time. I've seen bits of his work in passing through comic shops but didn't know his name. The Studio is on my wish list for the same reason he just said in your quote: inspiration. For the record, your blog wot-I-have-just-found-too is now also included in that. Best, Lis.