Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Studio Pt 3: Barry Windsor-Smith

And here's Barry Windsor-Smith from his corner of The Studio:

Here's a story from Barry's introduction about when he first tried to break into comics in America, and ended up a near vagrant, dodging the U.S. Immigration Authorities: " I recall having one Twinkie cake over a period of two days; It was a bit messy the second day- and drinking water was nowhere to be found! A friend of mine, Steve, who was with me at the time, got it even worse. ( Immigration ) took him to an office downtown and grilled him, using lights, tape recorders-all that nasty stuff: But he was a completely well-meaning innocent, like me. The incident really upset him-he didn't touch his Twinkie for days. "

Here's Bran Mak Morn:

And this is Thoth Amon ( Notice the roots where his feet should be ) :

Meanwhile, over on the couch, Barry & Jeff are posing for the sleeve notes of their double gatefold concept album:

And this is a strangely Kirbyesque Solomon Kane:

And here's Berni, Jeff & Barry deep in conversation, while an unknown female looks on:

This is Morgana:

And finally, Something Ic Waes:

Regarding working in the studio, Windsor-Smith is quoted: " I began to feel at home here when I realized that I didn't have to just sit in one small room,without companionship, and stare at a piece that wasn't going well. I could walk fifty feet away, to the other side of the studio, and be in a completely different world. "

Tomorrow: Berni Wrightson!


  1. As previous;y stated, I attended the BIG east Coast Con the year the STUDIO was hot. I saw barry just sitting alone at one point but I didn;t approach him at all because he had a very definite, cultivated rock star vibe going which made him kind of intimidating! Lots of hair, a goofy mustache, wild clothes and a cigarette.

  2. Yeah, Barry really does look like the intense, crazed vocalist to Jeff's studious Clapton-esque guitarist in that photo...

  3. The unknown female is Linda Lessman, Barry's girlfriend

  4. Years ago I encounted Conan for the Second time,but it was first reading the character.It was a coverless copy of Conan King Sized -Giant Sized whatever edition,reprinting the Lair of the Beast Men and my favorite Tower of the Elephant.It was my first experience with Barry Smith.I was hooked on Conan from them on and this Barry Smith who drew him.
    Sadly years later I met him,at a convention.I stopped and asked stupidly to sign a Conan novel.I got all pissed-oh fucking Character and it wasn't my work.I not signing that he said.Show me something by me and fuck off.He signed convention hand out and walked pissed.I dropped the autograph somewhere on the floor.
    I still love his work,but after was hestitant pick stuff by him.See Barry-you fucked up.Me I would signed whatever was shoved my face-whatever character it was-my work or someone else.Stan Lee did that years before and I still think he's cool for doing it.You,your a great artist,but you got to step down your snob high horse and join the rest of humanity.