Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Studio Pt 2: Mike Kaluta

So here we go with Part 2 of our look at seminal Bronze Age art book The Studio. Today, let's look at Mike Kaluta's section of the room:

Again, there's no point me telling you how great this stuff is, you've got eyes. Here's a quote from a grade school teacher of Mike's that kicks off his chapter: " Your son is not applying himself to his full potential. He acts in a distracted fashion and is constantly daydreaming. "

Here's She's Leaving Home:

And here's our old pal The Shadow in The Master Of Men:

Here's Berni showing Mike what he just ate for lunch:

This is The Very Same Dream Night After Night

Here's Mike about to photograph some pigeons:

This is Intolerance:

And finally, here's one of Robert E. Howard's lesser known characters, Kirby O' Donnell in The Swords Of Shahrazar:

Here's Mike: " There were times when each man would be 'into' his work, deeply involved, and the rest of the studio walked softly, so as not to disturb the event....Being the only guy there all night, I was able to see the accomplished work as it lay on the various drawing boards. Looking back at those quiet nights and pieces of art that would soon win the admiration of many future fans is one of my most priceless memories of The Studio days. "

Tomorrow: Barry Windsor-Smith!


  1. This was back you had real artist in the comic field,not over rated fan boys,you got today,that work around calling themselves pro-guy like the way Wizard overated Rob Liefeld.Gee mow,I leart crosshatchin.Now I'mah gonna put the crosshatched mean face,pin head on the big Hulk body like here.Now I gots me a Jack Karby like superhero figure like at those big city fellars.[Sorry,just resist doing Robert Eastman as Rob Liefeld].
    Mike Kaluta,Barry Smith and made want be a comic artist back then.The Rob Leifeld clone want to me throw in my hands.Wow let draw bad anatomy-crap sideway pages and call it great art.Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    It's not even up to the level of crap even.Excite stage left.

  2. Anyone have Mike Kaluta's Carson Napier stuff ?
    Great stuff-should in reprints.