Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sean Phillips' All Time Favourite Comic Ever

I know we've already looked at Bob Haney's masterfully insane Sons Of Superman & Batman series, but I neglected to notice that this little epic happens to be my old pal Sean Phillips' all-time favourite comic. ( Check out the comments section of the Haney post if you don't believe me ) As it also happens to be one of mine, I can't resist posting the whole thing for those poor, benighted souls yet to experience this classic.

Here's me & Philbo back in the day, discussing which one of The Super Sons we'd be, before arguing that we'd both be Batman Jr.

As you read this, just keep repeating: " What?...But...What?...But this doesn't make any...But I...WHAT??!!!!.............Ohhh, it's a Bob Haney story. Oh, well, ok, if you'd just said that to start with... "


  1. That is a cracker - have you read the Batman Beatles 'Paul is Dead' crossover - you can grab the links here...

  2. Hi, since you are in touch with Sean Phillips, I was wondering if he had copies/xeroxes of the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez pencils that may be possibly downloaded or copied. I perfectly understand if he wouldn't want to do that because he is a very busy artist. Just rare to se well composed super hero group shots by the master especially in pencil form.