Monday, 2 March 2009

Richard Corben's Doomscult

Doomscult appeared in the July 1983 issue of Heavy Metal, ( tho' as it's copyrighted 1980 it presumably sat in somebody's draw for a while ), and even for Richard Corben, it's a mind-blowing piece of work. Corben, of course, always used models and photography in his stories, but here he went one better, and seems to have painted right over the photographs themselves. ( Years before photoshop, natch! )
Anyone of a nervous disposition, or with small children, please be advised that this strip is a Richard Corben strip, and that, by law, all Richard Corben strip's have to contain generous helping's of gigantic, pendulous naked breasts. And, in this case, Bruce Jones as the hero.

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  1. This story is a great example about how Corben's art can be disturbing.It seems real,but isn't.All the more to really appreciate and admire Corben's masterpieces.He's one of comicdom's greatest geniuses.Keep posting more Corben!