Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Look-In Presents Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Look-In was a part of every english kid's childhood in the '70's. It was basically the TV Times for kids (or, if you're american, TV Guide for kids). Every week, you got TV & movie news, puzzles & games, and gushing interviews with major pop stars like, er, Showaddywaddy, Mud and Flintlock.
And you got comic strips. Look-In's comic strips were always based on whatever TV show was hot on ITV that month, so they did, amongst many, many others: The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Space:1999, The Tomorrow People, and this one: Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. Biddi biddi biddi!

Most, if not all of Look-In's strips were written by Angus P. Allen, and illustrated by some of the best british artists around, including Martin Asbury, John M. Burns, Arthur Ranson & John Bolton. (Just at the start of his career.) And although they may've been a little stiff at times, (due, no doubt, to the need to get the star's face in every panel) they were beautiful eye candy.
This deeply odd Buck strip is by Allen & Ranson. Guess somebody saw The Seventh Seal AND The Martian Chronicles that week, huh? For more stuff like this, check out www.lookinarchive.com.

Look-In was never a regular buy for us 'serious' comic fan's, more like a gap filler, or something to buy on holiday, but it is a bit of a treasure trove of classic british comic art. Plus, this all gives me an excuse to post this:

Oh come on! Like I wasn't gonna do that?

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  1. I understand there were ten adventures in all. Would be cool to see the other nine. Anyone know where I can find them online?