Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Kids Of Rec. Road

Back in the Bronze Age me, Sean Phillips & David Holman were the most comic mad kids in our home town of Haverhill. In fact, David freely admits that he became friends with most of the other kids in our school purely so he could rip off their collections! But, like most fans, just reading comics wasn't good enough for us, so we started to do our own.
The Kids Of Rec. Rd. ( or The Kids From Rec. Rd. We never agreed ) was basically us, our friends & every comic character we liked, having ridiculous, sub-Mad adventures through time, space & lunacy. We did what seems like hundreds of these things, each of us shouting down the other two as to which guest stars to have and whose gags to put in.
" The Big Fight " was done over the course of a couple of weeks, in Sean's bedroom, with all of us writing, Sean pencilling, and me inking ineptly ( with a felt tip pen! ). Judging by the Omega gag, which clearly refers to Omega The Unknown 4 ( the first time he ever spoke ), I'd say we did this strip towards the end of 1976.
We had a great time, arguing endlessly over which comic character we'd get to be on our team in the fight, shooting each others' dialogue down in flames & worrying that Marvel might find out we were using their heroes and sue us. I cringe at the casual racism of Luke Cage's appearance, but we were, like, 11 or 12 at the time, and a couple of the one-liners still work. I'm the scruffy haired one, by the way, that's Sean with the glasses, and David's the one with a black apple for a haircut.


  1. On the remote chance that anyone would like to read more of this stuff I put it all together in a book available from Lulu...

  2. Poor old Shang-Chi! Not only will there probably never be an 'Essential' of his strip, but he gets his arse kicked by Sean!