Friday, 27 March 2009

A Frog Is A Frog

Back when Marvel Preview became Bizarre Adventures and Denny O' Neil took over as editor, they abandoned the single character format and did a few themed issues, including this one titled Violence. There actually wasn't a bad story in this book (and not a whole lot wrong with the cover either), but the best story was Steve Perry's & Steve Bissette's A Frog Is A Frog.
This forgotten little 10 pg strip is one of the great stories about adolescence, and if, like me, you have the odd (otherwise intelligent) friend who still thinks comics are all POW! WHAM! BIFF! sub-literate drivel for children, this is a great one to throw at them.
But bear in mind, real life is not like any comic book story at all...including this one...


  1. Nice to see some artwork from a fellow Vermonter.It looks very nice.

  2. Wow! Another piece done only a few years into the biz (I was about 21). The original cover sketch was a bit more risque, with the girl in a black see-through teddy that was changed at the last minute to the red dress. As I was living at home my mother stood for a Polaroid of her holding her raincoat open! LOL Gotta love moms!