Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Black Widow

I love The Black Widow. She's one of those great characters that's been around for ages, but that people rarely, if ever, get right. For the life of me I don't know why. A good Black Widow story is easy; You only need three things.
1) Set the story in the real world, so no guest spots from any other characters from the Marvel Universe. Except, obviously, Nick Fury.
2) Make it ridiculously complicated & confusing, as if John Le Carre & Len Deighton had collaborated on a comic script.
3) Get Paul Gulacy to draw it.

That's just how it went in Bizarre Adventures 25: Lethal Ladies:

Script there by Ralph Macchio, by the way. Gulacy did return to The Widow once more, with this beautiful folio in 1998, but that was it I think. A shame, 'cos if ever artist and character were made for each other!

Finally, I know the internet is rife with rumours and gossip, and this may not even be true, BUT.
According to the excellent Funny Book Fanatic site, The Widow is due to make an appearance in the next Iron Man movie. The producers wanted Emily Blunt, currently starring in Young Victoria:

Now, I don't know much about this girl, but I do know one thing. She is clearly Natasha Romanoff made flesh. Unfortunately for us all, she can't do the movie, so guess who they went for instead?

I know. I don't even need to say it, do I?


  1. Although I find Scarlet Johansson attractive,it does'nt make any sense casting her as the Black Widow.Somebody like Milla Jonovich would definitelly be a better choice.Anyway good story with nice art by one of my faves,Paul Gulacy.Especially loved the surprise ending.I also love Gulacy's Six from Sirius.

  2. Amazing entry as far as the scans of probably every officially published Paul Gulacy/Black Widow artwork. As for your opinion of Scarlett Johanssen's portrayal of Black Widow now in 2019, on the verge of her first stand alone movie being released on the foundations of what has been done with the character in her hands,10 years down the road from this, would be a nice wrap up. Hopefully you have a bit more artwork scans to share, as well!

  3. I have to say that I think Scarlet did a great job, but I still stand by the fact it should've been Emily Blunt. And it does always rankle me that there was never even the vaugest attempt to give anything approaching a Russian accent. But yes, she was great, just not 'my' Black Widow.