Saturday, 21 March 2009

Al Williamson

Al Williamson is 77 today. Al, of course, started his career at Bill Gaines' legendary EC comics ( and lots more from them at another time ), but for today let's look at he was up to during The Bronze Age. Well, mostly, he was doing this:

The Star Wars adaptations were written by Archie Goodwin, of course, but that wasn't the only movie comic the pair worked on. There was also this little beauty:

I know it's Steranko, and not Williamson, but are you gonna argue with a cover like that? Here's Archie, Al & co-artist Carlos Garzon relaxing around the Marvel offices while working on Blade Runner:

And here's a few selected pages from the book:

Williamson & Goodwin were a bit of a dream team during The Bronze Age. Here they are again in a bittersweet tale from Creepy 112. One thing Williamson excels at is designing other worlds, and here he has the chance to go to town. Also always enjoyed the way Al made himself the hero in each of his stories...


  1. Incredibly sad and beautiful as well as amazingly drawn. Never seen that one before.

  2. nice one! not read that before.

  3. I think that AW may have got his hands on some copies of Eagle at some point. The ship in this strip looks like a copy/homage of the Tempus Frangit from Keith Watson's run on Dan Dare. Also, I've seen another AW story with Phant (Rogue Planet) ships in it.