Friday, 6 February 2009

Lone Sloane-Druillet

Dragon's Dream was a french publisher that produced coffee-table fantasy art books throughout the Bronze Age. We used to haunt a remaindered book-shop in Cambridge that always seemed to have a stack of Dragon's Dream books, usually by Roger Dean ( the guy who did all those Yes album covers. ) In this country they also published the Jeff Jones/Barry Windsor-Smith/Mike Kaluta/Berni Wrightson opus The Studio. And occasionally they'd do a high quality reprint of some french comics, including this one:

This was the first time me or my friends had seen any foreign ( ie. european ) comics, AND the first time we'd ever experienced the mind-blowing art of french visionary Philippe Druillet. If this is the first time you've seen any, you may want to strap yourselves in.
Lone Sloane, the title character of this book, is a kind of astronaut/mercenary who travels the galaxies, having what must be the weirdest adventures any comic book sci-fi hero ever had.
Unlike a lot of space opera, this strip really does take you to strange new worlds, with artwork that's beautiful, repellent & compelling, all at the same time. As somebody once said: Druillet's isn't a universe gone mad, it's a universe born mad. The closest comparison is H. P. Lovecraft, and we all know how barking he was.
Both Druillet and Lone Sloane turned up regularly in the pages of Heavy Metal of course, but this was my first 'experience'. Here's Sloane's first adventure:


  1. cant speak highly enough of druillet !. this book was highly influential to me as a 15 year old. that same year i discovered ' heavy metal ' and never looked back... one day delirius will make a wonderful and deranged acid trip scifi movie!

  2. yup, that guy literally blew my mind when I was 7 (in 1976...)
    His style hasn't aged, still worth the read

  3. I have two Lone Sloane posters purchased in 1974 when in Germany... they are very, very cool.

  4. This is one of my all time favorite comic stories!!! I have it already, but its neat you post it, cool!

  5. It seems that Druillet -like many other French BD artists - influenced Star Wars as well. Check out this video, including some images from Delirius:

  6. Anyone notice that Adam Warlock and Lone Sloane look sort of similar?