Monday, 9 February 2009

Inside Woody Allen

Here's an unusual one. At that remaindered bookshop in Cambridge, they also sold a lot of paperback reprints of newspaper strips, usually by Coronet, Tempo or New English Library.
This strip, by Stuart Hample, was, according to the inside of the book, syndicated all over the USA.

Other than Love & Death and maybe Sleeper, I can take or leave Woody Allen's film's, on account of me not living in New York or being particularly neurotic. But this is a nice little strip.
It helps if you read it in Woody's voice.

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  1. Thank god for the internet, as you can pretty much always find something that you didn't know existed.

    Pretty good stuff, but I didn't get the feeling that the humor was in Woody Allen's style. It could have been anyone in those clips. I guess it shows what a draw Woody Allen used to be where it was commercially successful (I assume) to do a syndicated strip.