Friday, 16 January 2009

A bronze age welcome

Yeah, I know, I know, we're living in an unprecedented time for comics. Bookshops actually have graphic novel sections. There are actual, real movies of our favourite characters. When you tell people that you're into comics, they no longer look at you as if you've grown antlers. Our medium is discussed & evaluated as a serious artform, just like we always hoped it would be.
All of this is obviously a good thing, and I'm not one of those people who thinks that modern comics aren't as good as the old stuff.....BUT, BUT, BUT... I love Bronze Age comics, me.

( Just in case any of my non-comic reading buddies are reading this, here's a quick explanation. The rest of you, meet me at the next paragraph. ) The Bronze Age Of Comics is really just a fancy way of saying anything that was released in the '70's, which was, natch, the period I grew up in.
Fans refer to the 1930's & '40's as The Golden Age ( which is when Superman, Batman and most of the big guns were created ), the'50's & '60's were The Silver Age ( Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk & so on ), and The Bronze Age brought us pretty much everything else.
No one can agree on what age we're in now, and, if you ask any comic fan, they'll most likely give an embarrassed cough and change the subject as quickly as possible.
All this naming and cataloguing is something all fans do, no matter what they're fans of, be it football, old TV shows or beermats.
In all honesty, it's just a way of saying "comics were better when I was a kid".

So I love The Bronze Age, the great, wild, experimental comics of my youth, and on this blog, I'm gonna talk about them. If your favourites are in here, or if all you know about comics is The Dark Knight, why not join me? Where shall we start? How about....

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